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Quick Tips From The Big Brand Christmas Landing Pages

Customers start their Christmas shopping much earlier than you might expect, as spreading the cost of Christmas is a very…

Jay Leonard
November 13, 2015
Online Marketing

Facebook Ads Do Not Make Sales

While Facebook Ads contribute to the overall sales conversion process, they, like all other advertising tactics, are not designed to…

Jay Leonard
October 8, 2015

10 Excellent Landing Page Design Examples

So you want to generate some leads on your website, do you? Well, do you have any forms for people…

Jay Leonard
August 20, 2015
Online Marketing

How to Create Conversion Focused Content for Landing Pages

When creating landing page content, there are some simple elements that will help you drive more conversions. While not universal…

Jay Leonard
June 30, 2015
Online Marketing

Creating A PPC Landing Page That Actually Works

While the landing page is not necessarily the last destination for your site visitors, it is one of the most…

Connor Brooke
April 9, 2015
Online Marketing

5 Key Elements of a Successful Launch Page

Are you launching a new online business? Although your finished product might be months down the road, collecting emails ahead…

Jay Leonard
January 27, 2015
Online Marketing

So You Want Your Website to Be a Failure? 5 Foolproof Ways to Get You There

Consumers will only take you seriously if you have a website. But it’s not enough to just create one. Once…

Connor Brooke
December 7, 2014
Online Marketing

5 Tips On Your Mobile Landing Page Success

Today, when everything goes mobile, it is crucial that apart from correct strategies, every marketer needs a clean, fast-loading, and…

Alan Draper
August 15, 2014
Mobile & Apps

8 Tips to Boost Conversions on Your Landing Page

Advertising is useless unless it points prospects toward information that leads them to convert. An effective landing page can bridge…

Connor Brooke
June 9, 2014
Online Marketing

Anatomy of a High-Converting Landing Page

A great land­ing page can lead to more clicks, more qual­i­fied leads, and more pay­ing cus­tomers. But what makes a…

James Spillane
May 19, 2014
Online Marketing

The 29 Marketing Terms You’re Getting Wrong

History was made last year. Selfie, guac, srsly, babymoon, and fawxhawk were just a few of the words added into…

Jay Leonard
March 18, 2014

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