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Landing Page A/B Testing: 5 Key Elements to Test

If you want to boost conversion rate, running A/B testing on your landing page is essential. But, the question…

Gloria Chow
September 27, 2021
Digital Marketing

10 Amazingly Simple Landing Page Ideas That Work

Do you use landing pages on your website? Do you want to build landing pages that capture your visitors’…

Syed Balkhi
June 3, 2020
Digital Marketing

3 Automated Tasks You Need Your CRM to Handle

Don’t use your CRM as a database. Enterprise-level tools are often too complex and require too many different parts…

Connor Brooke
November 2, 2018
Marketing Automation

Optimizing for Better Landing Page Conversions

Landing pages are a crucial ingredient in a successful inbound marketing campaign strategy. Having more landing pages can help…

Alan Draper
July 23, 2018
B2B Marketing

How Do Your AdWords Landing Pages Stack Up?

Do you find that your ads are getting a lot of clicks but they just aren’t leading to conversions?…

Jay Leonard
April 23, 2018

How to Improve Ad Rank & Show Up On The First Page

Have you ever gotten this message in AdWords? You worked so hard to create the perfect ad and now…

Jay Leonard
January 18, 2018
Digital Marketing

Why You Should Use Videos To Boost Landing Page Conversions

If you are looking for effective ways to promote your website, the inclusion of videos on your website’s landing…

Jay Leonard
July 27, 2017
Video Marketing

The 10 Elements That Make a Successful Landing Page

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in all my years of working with clients, it’s that no two landing…

James Spillane
August 8, 2016
Web Design

How to Use CTAs and Landing Pages To Boost Your Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is critical for every business, website or blog. You got a visitor on your page, now the…

Jay Leonard
May 29, 2016
Online Marketing

Create a Positive First Impression with Landing Page Optimization

Your handshake instantly causes a person you meet for the first time to form an impression of you. Interestingly,…

Connor Brooke
March 25, 2016
Inbound Marketing

7 Most Important Elements of an Effective Landing Page

The job of an effective landing page is primarily to convert prospects into clients. Every business would give anything…

Jay Leonard
March 4, 2016
Online Marketing

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