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How to Outsource Your Way to a Successful IT Startup

StartupStockPhotos / Pixabay There’s never been a better time to be in IT. The industry is one of the…

Jay Leonard
June 18, 2018

RPA and the Future of Outsourcing

There is no doubt that in recent years technology advancement in industry has increased exponentially, but so has customer…

Jay Leonard
March 3, 2018
Business Innovation

5 Jobs That Are Cheaper to Outsource

Outsource Jobs  &  Grow Your Business If you’re like most business owners, you probably got there by doing everything…

Jay Leonard
January 9, 2015

When is it Best to Outsource IT?

As any technology executive can attest, outsourcing is now commonplace. Choosing which client projects to outsource and which to…

Jay Leonard
April 5, 2014
Tech & Gadgets

Top Five Reasons for IT Directors to Outsource IT Services

Fear of surrendering control is probably the main factor holding many IT directors back from realising the benefits of…

Jay Leonard
September 26, 2013
Tech & Gadgets

Seven IT Outsourcing Myths Busted

For all its usefulness and cost-saving potential, IT outsourcing is still surrounded by all manner of myths, legends and…

Jay Leonard
September 25, 2013
Tech & Gadgets

Smile! You Just Videocalled a Contact Center for Support

Video is being incorporated in almost all facets of our daily life. What about calling a vendor for support…

Alan Draper
June 27, 2013
Customer Experience

IT Outsourcing: Is it Safe?

A lot of companies have worked with an outsourcing partner to decrease the number of shortcomings that occur, reduce…

Alan Draper
June 10, 2013
Tech & Gadgets

IT Outsourcing: Making Contracts Last

A lot of BPO companies, especially those that provide IT outsourcing services, deal with more contracts today than before.…

Connor Brooke
February 4, 2013
B2B Marketing

Trends of IT Outsourcing In the Philippines

The PSIA or the Philippines Software Industry Association announced that the country’s software outsourcing sector has been growing significantly…

Connor Brooke
September 11, 2012
B2B Marketing

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