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10 Ways to Reduce Your IT Costs

Every now and then a black swan comes along and radically alters the business landscape. 2020 saw one of…

Swapnil Bhagwat
November 25, 2020

Monitoring Service Desk Metrics and Key Performance Indicators in Your Organization

Today’s service desk technologies and reporting systems are advancing at a rapid pace. They capture enormous amounts of data,…

Connor Brooke
July 23, 2018
Customer Experience

4 Service Desk Agent Performance Metrics that Influence the Customer Experience

Continually improving the customer experience and satisfaction with service support is a goal of every service desk. While there…

Alan Draper
July 2, 2018
Customer Experience

8 Tips for Improving Service Desk Agent Performance

When you set all other considerations aside and look at your service desk from the customer’s point of view,…

Connor Brooke
June 18, 2018
Customer Experience

How to Fix Call Center Shrinkage

Call center shrinkage refers to the time for which agents are paid to answer calls and serve customers versus…

Connor Brooke
June 11, 2018
Customer Experience

Agent Satisfaction Is Your Foundation for Great Service Desk Customer Service

I have noted on several occasions that the service desk’s two major goals are: (a) maintaining or improving customer…

Alan Draper
June 6, 2018
Customer Experience

Service Desk Metrics vs. KPIs and Analytics – What is the Difference?

I often get the question, what is the difference between a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) and a metric? Or,…

Jay Leonard
May 29, 2018
Digital Marketing

Managing Customer Satisfaction: The Help Desk Metrics Best Practices that You Need to Know

With many technological advancements in the service support industry regarding analytics and metrics, help desk managers can now monitor,…

James Spillane
May 24, 2018
Customer Experience

Making Sense of the IT Puzzle: IT Service Management

With the onset of the digital era, our lives have been transformed, and will continue to be for the…

Connor Brooke
March 26, 2016
Business Innovation

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