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70% of App Developers Want to Spend More Time on Innovation But Can’t

Application developers are disgruntled at the lack of time they have available to work on innovation. That’s according to…

Joel Frank
May 24, 2023
Crypto News

3 Tips to Jumpstart your Online Business in 2022

With the end of the year looming and many marketers looking to next year already. I’ve summarized three of…

Katarina White
November 19, 2021

Unlock the Unlimited: Sell Solutions Before There’s a Problem

So long as there are products and services offered by an organization, there will be the existence of a…

Daniel Burrus
October 11, 2021
Sales Management

Why Customer Experience Automation Should Be About Innovation

For most of the last two centuries, we’ve been trained to think that innovation has to lead to standardization.…

Jason VandeBoom
September 27, 2021
Marketing Automation

Why Your Marketing Strategy Needs To Go Beyond Analytics

You hear a lot about analytics these days: how brands need to use “the numbers” to create content and…

Mark Armstrong
September 22, 2021

5 Predictions For the Future of Customer Experience

Customer experience used to be something that big businesses talked about — and did relatively little about. Designing, automating…

Jason VandeBoom
July 26, 2021
Customer Experience

5 Innovative Ways to Integrate MDM Capabilities with Business Processes

Master data management (MDM) refers to the discipline of harmonizing information tech and business or organizational needs by ensuring…

John Allen
July 4, 2021
Business Innovation

Why You Should Look for an “Intrapreneur” for Your Next Open Role

While not many people are familiar with the term “intrapreneur,” it has actually been around for a while. Intrapreneurs…

Angela Ash
June 28, 2021
Human Resources

Using (Big) Data to Improve Department Efficiency

There’s enough data out there for everyone and everything. Current capabilities in public web scraping allow businesses to acquire…

Julius Cerniauskas
June 22, 2021

3 Ways to Maximize the ROI of HR

Every business is made of interconnected dots, and each action has an equal consequence. For example, company culture impacts…

Lovepreet Dhaliwal
June 14, 2021
Human Resources

5 Pivots People Are Making for Their Careers (and More) in 2021

This year is unique for many, and not only because people are yet to adapt to the post-COVID times.…

Angela Ash
May 31, 2021
Human Resources

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