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How to Use Photos on Your Blog (Without Getting Sued)

Think you can pull just any photo off the internet and use it on your blog? Think again. Kari DePhillips,…

Connor Brooke
March 27, 2015
Content Marketing

How Retailers Can Win the Performance Race This Holiday Season

Every January, retailers and e-commerce companies look back on the holiday season with lessons learned and lofty goals for making…

Connor Brooke
October 6, 2014
Consumer Marketing

Snapchat Explained (By a Non-Millennial)

Snapchat launched in May 2014 as a way for people to send their friends images and videos that could be…

James Spillane
September 25, 2014
Social Media

Maximizing Instagram For PR Outreach

Are you using Instagram for your company? If not, it’s time to jump on the bandwagon. Not only will your…

James Spillane
August 27, 2014

How I Ended Up Paying $500 for a “Free” Photo

Images have become an important part or our online lives. Bloggers and Social Media folk are always looking for the…

Jay Leonard
March 3, 2014
Content Marketing

Why Look and Feel Matters in Business Presentations

“De gustibus et coloribus non est disputandum” is a Latin expression that translates as “it's no use debating taste and…

Alan Draper
January 6, 2014

Word of Eye Marketing

Spend a few minutes online, and you’ll realize that photos and videos rule the space. This phenomenon, known as ‘Word…

Jay Leonard
October 3, 2013

Transform Blog Posts into a Series of Images for Pinterest

Your blog should be feeding your social media content pipeline, including Pinterest. I know it seems counterintuitive that a largely…

Connor Brooke
August 24, 2013

How Publishers Are Trying to Keep the Cost of Images Down

The rapid evolution of the world of online publishing can leave the best of us gasping for breath, as new…

James Spillane
August 5, 2013
Content Marketing

Library of Congress Showcases Early Aerial Photos of America

This month, the U.S. Library of Congress is showcasing aerial photos of the United States taken during the early 1900s. …

Connor Brooke
July 1, 2013
Travel & Leisure

Comping for Layout: Winning Pitches Start with Great Images

To make a presentation of any sort as effective as it should be, you'll need to paint a vivid image…

Jay Leonard
April 11, 2013
Small Business

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