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IBM Leads the Industry in AI Time-Saving – Its HR Team Saved 12,000 Hours in 12 Months by Automating 280 Tasks

IBM is using artificial intelligence (AI) to automate HR tasks and allow employees to focus on more nuanced work…

Ruholamin Haqshanas
June 27, 2023

Just How Expensive are Data Breaches?

The cost of a data breach is not just limited to regulatory fines, but extends to more significant losses…

Connor Brooke
September 10, 2019

Gartner’s 2019 Magic Quadrant for Unified Endpoint Management Tools

Gartner has predicted that by 2024, 70% of enterprises will adopt Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) tools. Analyst house Gartner,…

Jay Leonard
August 20, 2019
Mobile & Apps

Artificial Intelligence: Disruption or Opportunity?

Artificial intelligence (AI), one of twenty core technologies I identified back in 1983 as the drivers of exponential economic…

Connor Brooke
March 7, 2019

4 Big Brands Blindsided by Accelerated Change

It’s one of life’s universal lessons: Look both ways before crossing the street. Parents have been impressing its importance…

Alan Draper
August 30, 2018
Business Innovation

Beyond Moore’s Law

Mark Twain was once quoted as saying that the reports of his death “had been greatly exaggerated.” That, in…

James Spillane
September 8, 2017
Business Innovation

Hunting After Rogue System Administrators With a SIEM System

For security managers looking to improve the perimeter security, the IBM X-Force 2016 Cyber Security Intelligence Index could be…

James Spillane
December 27, 2016

Social Selling Is the Sales Tool You Should Be Using Every Day

While social selling isn’t a new concept anymore, there are still plenty of companies that haven’t yet made social…

Connor Brooke
December 2, 2016
Social Selling

Lessons from IBM’s Chief Data Officer

Inderpal Bhandari joined IBM last December as the company’s first global chief data officer (CDO). My only question is,…

Jay Leonard
November 1, 2016
Cloud Computing

Artificial Intelligence: The Promise of Limitless Possibilities

Artificial intelligence (AI), one of 20 core technologies I identified back in 1983 as the drivers of exponential economic…

James Spillane
April 18, 2016
Business Innovation

Starting a Succesful Internet Company as a Non-Technical Founder

People often ask me – can a nontechnical founder, become a founder of a successful internet company. The short…

Connor Brooke
March 13, 2016

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