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To Welcome Disruption

The past few months have forced enormous change across many businesses around the world. Rapid and agile responses to…

Manfred Abraham
July 6, 2020
Business Innovation

Hawaii’s Preparation For a Nuclear Strike Presents Marketing and PR Challenges

The morning of September 22, 2017, my phone greeted me with headlines proclaiming, “Hawaii prepares for North Korean nuclear…

Jay Leonard
September 22, 2017
Public Relations

You Won’t Believe How One Travel Brand Became More Innovative

Market research has traditionally been conceived of as reaching out to consumers for information about their needs and preferences.…

Connor Brooke
October 21, 2015
Travel & Leisure

How One Engaged Employee Can Spawn a Multitude of Flag Waving Customers

It was midnight at the Omni Hotel in Amelia Island about 45 minutes from Jacksonville, Florida. I had just…

Jay Leonard
October 13, 2015
Customer Experience

Why Customer Service is the Final Frontier

When I say I travel a lot for business, there’s not an ounce of exaggeration in that statement. There…

Alan Draper
March 17, 2015
Customer Experience

How to Jumpstart Your Networking With Midwestern Hospitality

Where are you from? Oh, no way. Do you know Ed Johnson? Oh, well then I bet you also…

Jay Leonard
February 17, 2015

Mobile Best Practices in Travel Marketing [Infographic]

This is the tenth in a series of “Best Practices in Travel” posts to be published on this blog.…

Jay Leonard
August 7, 2014

Best Practices in Travel Marketing: Blogging

This is the eighth in a series of “Best Practices in Travel” posts to be published on this blog.…

Jay Leonard
July 6, 2014
Travel & Leisure

For the Love of Travel: Careers in Hospitality Management

A career in hospitality management could lead almost anywhere… literally. Those who climb the ranks in travel and tourism…

James Spillane
February 25, 2014
Human Resources

The 3 Functions Of Hospitality IT

A guide to the essential functions IT performs in the hospitality workplace. When people think of the hospitality industry…

Alan Draper
October 29, 2013
Business Innovation

Hospitality in 2014…Why Salesforce Isn’t Enough

“Where everybody knows you name” – the theme song from the 90’s hit show Cheers defines the importance of…

Jay Leonard
September 26, 2013
Marketing Automation

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