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The Bricks and Mortar of Digital Transformation

Successful digital transformation in organizations is built on a foundation of strategic goals and objectives.The building blocks are leadership, governance,…

Connor Brooke
June 2, 2014
Digital Marketing

Information Technology Isn’t a Miracle Solution

We’re in a rapidly advancing technological age...I mean this article is being posted online and probably read on mobile devices and shared…

Connor Brooke
November 4, 2013
Business Intelligence

Avoiding Employee Engagement Atrophy

Employee engagement is like a muscle, that needs to be developed -- or it can atrophy. Within the broader collaboration…

Alan Draper
July 30, 2013

The Top 5 Issues Businesses are Facing with Collaboration

In the last decade, organizations went from locked down, process-driven corporate portals that provided a digital version of the collection…

Connor Brooke
February 7, 2013

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