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What’s Next for 1:1 Identity in a Google-Less Industry?

As anyone in the advertising industry well knows, Google is in the spotlight. After announcing their identity management changes, it…

Diaz Nesamoney
May 11, 2021
Consumer Marketing

12 of Your Most Common SEO Questions Answered: The Ultimate Search Engine Optimization FAQ Guide

Regardless of how many answers you get, fresh SEO questions will always crop up again and again. It happens. What…

Matt Janaway
May 6, 2021

Top Social Media Changes in 2021: Are You Ready?

If you’ve noticed a slowdown in your engagement or you simply want to know what’s on trend for your social…

Mitch Poirier
May 4, 2021
Social Media

5 Essential Google Ads Techniques for 2021

Each year Google Ads and digital marketing are getting more competitive. Now more than ever, companies are turning to online…

Lior Krolewicz
April 27, 2021
Digital Marketing

Google December 2020 Core Update Analysis: What to Do Now?

At the end of 2020, Google's rolled out a core algorithm update, which is a big game-changer. This update has…

Navneet Kaushal
February 9, 2021

Understanding Google Analytics: Terms You Need to Know

Every website can benefit from installing Google Analytics to better understand the activity on their website. However, with dozens of…

Nicole Krug
February 8, 2021

How to Lower Your Client Churn

Customer retention is vital to any business -- you’re more likely to sell to an existing customer than a new…

JC Hite
January 29, 2021
Digital Marketing

The Top Mistakes You’re Making in PPC Campaigns

A great PPC campaign is one of the best ways to acquire higher visibility and reach on search engines like…

JC Hite
November 10, 2020
Digital Marketing

Best SEO Practices for Bing – and Why You Should Learn Them

Marketers, PR and SEO experts generally view Google as synonymous with “search engine.” When they talk about optimizing content or…

William Comcowich
September 24, 2020

Google Advertising Adds a 2% Tax: Budgeting For the New UK Digital Services Tax

Advertisers on the Google UK platform will pay an additional 2% levy on top of their advertising spend effective 1st…

Susan Hallam
September 5, 2020
Digital Marketing

1st Page Google Results Don’t Always Have 10 Results

We’ve all used Google before, we’ve all scrolled down the pages of results looking for the answers we need, and…

Jason Khoo
August 26, 2020

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