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How to Use Google Analytics to Improve Your Social Media Strategy

Your social media strategy is incredibly important to your business success, but if you’re not measuring how well your strategy…

Jay Leonard
April 15, 2016
Social Media

6 Things You Never Knew About Google Analytics

People say knowledge is power and it truly is. We all have witnessed that situation wherein our lack of knowledge…

Alan Draper
March 28, 2016
Digital Marketing

How to Keep a Pulse on Your Website in 25 Minutes a Week (for Free)

You should be keeping tabs on your website very often to keep a pulse on how your business is performing…

Connor Brooke
February 14, 2016
Digital Marketing

What Role Can a Website Play in Today’s B2B Lead Generation?

Whether you’re an MD that likes them or loathes them, websites are here to stay – and the good news…

Jay Leonard
November 1, 2015
Online Marketing

Google Analytics Has the Inside Scoop on Your Customers

Google Analytics is an excellent tool that will help website owners and managers monitor all aspects of their sites. Who…

Connor Brooke
September 9, 2015
Business Intelligence

5 Benefits of Call Tracking for the B2B Marketer

Call tracking is a must for B2B digital marketers, who can track and record information from the second users land…

Connor Brooke
August 18, 2015
B2B Marketing

3 Reasons Why Your Adwords Campaigns Aren’t Working and What to Fix

In case you haven’t heard, there’ve been some recent media rumbles that report Google AdWords isn’t practical for small businesses.…

Jay Leonard
July 17, 2015
Online Marketing

Decoding Direct Traffic In Google Analytics

Quick answer: Direct traffic = a visit to your site without a known referral source. That answers the "what". How…

Jay Leonard
May 26, 2015
Digital Marketing

Steal My SEO Dashboard for Google Analytics

I refuse to spend more than 10 minutes a day in Google Analytics. That's why I set up Dashboards in…

James Spillane
March 28, 2015

Google Analytics Tips for Small Businesses

Learn how can Google Analytics help small businesses. Users can access a website 24 hours and 365 days of the year. We…

Jay Leonard
March 19, 2015
Small Business

Why Bot Traffic Is Bad & How To Filter It From Analytics

Whilst the figures reported in Google Analytics are not completely reliable, they do give you a good idea of what’s…

Jay Leonard
January 29, 2015

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