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Tracking Outbound Links with Google Tag Manager for Google Analytics

Tracking outbound link clicks can give you some great insight into the user behavior of your website. Your website…

Isaiah Stone
January 6, 2022
Digital Marketing

Where to Find Social Media Traffic Data in Google Analytics 4

You can find the social media traffic report relatively easily in Google Analytics Universal Analytics. You might know that…

Isaiah Stone
November 6, 2021
Digital Marketing

How to Set Up Scroll Depth Tracking & What You Need to Consider

Scroll depth tracking is a way to see how users are browsing and engaging with your web pages. It’s…

Isaiah Stone
October 29, 2021
Digital Marketing

Finding Data for File Downloads from Your Website In Google Analytics (UA & GA4) & Data Studio [Video]

You’re offering downloads of valuable content to bring your target audience into a conversion funnel. You’ve set up the…

Isaiah Stone
September 20, 2021
Digital Marketing

How to Easily Track & Categorize File Downloads in Google Analytics with Tag Manager [Video]

Many websites offer file downloads in order to hook their target audience into a conversion funnel. It can be…

Isaiah Stone
September 14, 2021
Digital Marketing

Why the Landing Page Report is Key & Where to Find it in Google Analytics 4 [Video]

One of the most important aspects of any business is understanding what your users want and how they interact…

Isaiah Stone
August 24, 2021
Digital Marketing

Start with Google Analytics Landing Page Report to Find Valuable Insight [Video]

Google Analytics is a popular tool for analyzing the traffic that a website receives. There is a lot of…

Isaiah Stone
August 11, 2021
Digital Marketing

Using Spreadsheet Column Filters to Quickly Analyze Google Analytics Data

Google Analytics is a powerful and useful tool for marketers. It gives them deep insights into how their campaigns…

Isaiah Stone
July 27, 2021
Digital Marketing

Google Analytics 4 Properties-Everything You Should Know

Google has announced the release of Google analytics 4. It is the new version of Google’s data collection and…

Shadab Khan
April 30, 2021

Understanding Google Analytics: Terms You Need to Know

Every website can benefit from installing Google Analytics to better understand the activity on their website. However, with dozens…

Nicole Krug
February 8, 2021

How to Measure the Value of Press Releases

Despite the much-publicized demise of print media, press releases remain one of the most important weapons in the PR…

William Comcowich
February 14, 2020
Public Relations

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