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Tomb Of Osiris Discovered By Egyptologists

Archaeologists discover the Tomb of Osiris in the ancient cemetery grounds of Necropolis, located off of Egypt’s West Bank…

Jay Leonard
January 3, 2015
World News

Baby Born With Extra Limbs Seen As Indian God

A baby boy was born with four arms and four legs in Baruipur.  Locals are calling him, ‘God Baby’…

Jay Leonard
November 19, 2014
US News

Diner Owner Turns Cash Register Over To God

A diner owner in Dallas, North Carolina has opted for a unique pricing strategy for her restaurant. She’s letting…

Connor Brooke
October 13, 2014
Social Buzz

God Buys Billboard In Kansas To Mock Westboro Baptist Church

The Westboro Baptist Church is known for their “God Hates Fags” billboards, and their incessant need to protest the…

Alan Draper
September 9, 2014
Social Buzz

UX Ideas For Human Reproduction

The Japanese inspire me with their drive to continually improve – everything. Even packets of catsup open better in…

Connor Brooke
February 22, 2012
Travel & Leisure

Ideasicle Podcast #8: Dr. Tom Chalko

Welcome to the Ideasicle Podcast, where our host, Will Burns, untangles the mysteries of the elusive idea. This episode,…

Connor Brooke
March 3, 2011

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