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Fixing the Gender Imbalance in Tech

What do you imagine when you think of a programmer, an entrepreneur, or a CEO? If every picture you…

Jay Leonard
March 20, 2019

Women Still a Rarity in Venture Capitalism

Looking for venture capitalist funding? Well, you’d best get to the back of the line if you’ve got an…

James Spillane
February 20, 2018

SHE – Is The ‘S’ a Liability?

2016. That’s the year isn’t it? We live in this big, modern and technologically advanced world, everything is at…

Connor Brooke
August 16, 2016

Pledge for Gender Parity in Tech, But What About Dads?

The commemoration of International Women’s Day brings gender equality and advocacy firmly into the spotlight. What strikes me as…

Jay Leonard
March 18, 2016
Human Resources

Ambition – Or Overwork?

When starting out in business, people inevitably work long hours. Years ago when I set up my travel company,…

Connor Brooke
July 17, 2015

Despite Women Leaning In, Gender Wage Gap Persists

Thanks to Sheryl Sandberg’s new book and non-profit organization aimed at improving professional employment and advancement opportunities for women,…

Jay Leonard
September 27, 2013
Human Resources

Men vs. Women Money Management [Infographic]

Salary, work, spending, saving, investing, housing and pensions: these are the seven fields of expertise in which men and…

Alan Draper
June 10, 2013

Where to Share: Based on Age and Gender of Your Target Market [Infographic]

Are you pursuing a content marketing campaign but are unsure of the best place to share your hard work?…

Connor Brooke
April 16, 2013
Content Marketing

It’s a Man’s World, but a Woman’s Intuition — When It Comes to Publicity.

James Brown told us that this is a man’s world.  When his soulful voice sings those meaningful lyrics, it…

Jay Leonard
February 25, 2012
Public Relations

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