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Is Influencer Marketing Dead? 90% Prefer Opinions From Real Consumers

Digital platforms have undeniably changed the marketing industry over the past decade, with influencers playing an instrumental role. Yet,…

Trent Alan
June 9, 2023

Podcasts Are the Answer For Those Sick of Short-Form Video – Gen Z Monthly Podcast Listening is Up 57%

Podcasts have become an increasingly popular form of media consumption, especially among Generation Z in the United States. According…

Ruholamin Haqshanas
June 6, 2023

Indian Fintech Unicorn Slice Acquires 5% Stake in a Legacy Bank as Central

Indian fintech unicorn Slice has acquired a 5% stake in The North East Small Finance Bank, a legacy bank…

Trent Alan
March 9, 2023

Young Latino Business Owners Getting Helping Hand Amid Hispanic Heritage Month

Entrepreneurs making inspired strides to galvanize, empower & bolster underrepresented young Latino business owners; First annual October ‘LatinX Travel…

Merilee Kern
October 6, 2021
Small Business

Gen Z: The Rising Force Set to Transform the Future Workplace

Between the pandemic, working from home, and other events that have taken place in the world over the past…

Sammy Courtright
June 4, 2021
Workplace Culture

Leading Millennial + Gen Z Employees? Here Are Top Mistakes That Leaders Make When Working With Them.

With the rise of Millennial and Gen Z employees in the workforce, leaders who are used to working with…

Clair Kim
May 31, 2021
Human Resources

3 Ways Consumerization Affects Human Resources

Consumerization within the workplace has been a hot topic for a number of years, flowing through various sectors, including…

Clair Kim
March 30, 2021
Human Resources

5 Ways Companies Can Set Gen Z Workers Up for Success

The pandemic has been brutal for everyone, but imagine starting your very first job out of college from home,…

Sammy Courtright
February 1, 2021
Workplace Culture

Detoxifying Social Networking – Putting Gen Z at the Core Again

When was the last time you wrote a ‘status ’ on your Facebook wall? Ironically, the only time we…

Jay Leonard
December 5, 2019
Social Media

Generation Z Requires a Different Managerial Approach. Here Are 3 Ways to Elevate Your Boss Game

Currently, five generations of workers are coming together to make products, provide services, and disrupt industries — but you…

Alan Draper
September 23, 2019

Facebook Isn’t Enough: Use These 4 Social Strategies If You Want to Reach Generation Z

Parents might be all over Facebook, but their children aren’t following suit. This means the 70 million companies using…

Jay Leonard
December 26, 2018
Social Media

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