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Cybersecurity Training Platform Hack the Box Raises $55 Million

Hack the Box, a startup that uses a gamified approach to cultivate ethical hackers has raised $55 million in…

Ilija Miljkovac
January 30, 2023

How to Implement Gamification in Your Content Marketing Strategy: Useful Tips and Tools

Gamification is nothing new to us humans; it’s safe to say that we’ve been using gamification for a very…

Lilach Bullock
July 22, 2020
Content Marketing

Talent, Technology, and Transformation: 2025

Last week I was going through the article of a senior leader of a large regional organization. While reading,…

Lovepreet Dhaliwal
March 31, 2020
Human Resources

How to Strengthen Your Company Culture With Great Events

We knew this instinctively: Companies with thriving cultures are more likely to thrive in general. But this gut feeling…

Alan Draper
May 22, 2019

Why You Need to Know About Event Apps and Gamification

Are you looking to motivate your own employees? Do you feel like your own company is lagging behind the…

Connor Brooke
November 13, 2018

How Gamification Can Alter Our Behavior

During this unique period of technology-driven transformation, the education sector has so far been slow to embrace the power…

James Spillane
November 1, 2018
Business Innovation

4 Tips to Sell More Device Protection Plans

Device protection plans may not be the most appealing thing to sell to customers, and they can be difficult…

Jay Leonard
June 22, 2018
Mobile & Apps

Gamification to Make Mobile Retail Web Apps Even More Engaging and Effective

Gamification is emerging as a favored tool for boosting customer engagement. Gamification combines “game mechanics” – such as point-based…

Connor Brooke
December 8, 2017

How To Use Gamification In HR Processes

Gamification refers to the use of game-like mechanics in non-gaming scenarios to motivate and boost the morale of the…

Jay Leonard
November 29, 2017
Human Resources

How to Use Gamification to Recruit Talented College Grads

Gamification is a pretty popular word nowadays. Lots of people use it, but actually few understand how gamified strategies…

Jay Leonard
June 26, 2017
Human Resources

Using Scarcity to Drive Engagement in Mobile Apps

In behavioural economics, scarcity is a well known approach that drives engagement and desire in a product but can…

Connor Brooke
May 4, 2017
Mobile & Apps

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