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You Don’t Have to Be the Best to Succeed—Just Execute

Award-winning entrepreneur and angel investor Kim Perell wasn’t the best student. She wasn’t the brightest in her family. The…

James Spillane
November 12, 2018

Ideas Aren’t Worth Anything! – Execution Is All That Counts

Idea is like a sapling. For a sapling to grow into a strong and unwavering tree, it requires oxygen,…

Connor Brooke
October 5, 2018

Are You Vision-Oriented or Execution-Oriented?

We all know “cats people” and “dogs people.” It’s not that one cannot be ‘OK’ with both cats and…

Jay Leonard
August 13, 2018
Product Management

To Accelerate, Slow Down First

It’s a problem that most every organization has to confront sooner or later: How do we get more done…

Alan Draper
October 16, 2017

Smart Leaders Ask Themselves These 10 Strategy Questions Every Day

“Strategy without execution is meaningless. Execution without engagement is impossible.”– Me Sounds pretty profound, doesn’t it? When you read…

Jay Leonard
March 16, 2017

What Innovation Actually Means

When was the last time you saw the word innovation? Ten minutes ago? The fact is, there are many…

James Spillane
September 16, 2016
Business Innovation

6 High-Performance Approaches that Yield Strategy Success and Results

You’ve heard it before – strategies don’t get executed as planned or at all, and people in your organization…

James Spillane
April 26, 2016

ISIS Executes Jordan Pilot, Sets Him On Fire Alive

ISIS has purportedly executed the Jordan pilot it was holding captive. Unlike other captors, though, the radical Islamic group…

Jay Leonard
February 3, 2015
World News

The Misalignment of Ideology, Strategy and Execution

I spotted this over at Account Planning Methods, and I recommend you take a minute and go read the whole…

Connor Brooke
January 19, 2014

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