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3 Ways to Turn a Passive Sponsorship Into an Active Sponsorship

Passive sponsorships are rampant, yet I bet it would be difficult to name the last one you saw. That…

Connor Brooke
February 28, 2018
Consumer Marketing

How to Drive Event Engagement Using Social Media Marketing

Summer has solidified its place as the season for hosting events, which makes it important to make sure you’re…

Connor Brooke
July 13, 2017

7 Tips for Successfully Sponsoring a Millennial Event

Brands continue to vie for millennials’ attention and sponsorships at events are one of the most heated battlegrounds. As…

Connor Brooke
May 5, 2016
Consumer Marketing

3 Sponsorship Lessons From College Football’s Bowl Games

For me, New Year’s Day consists of not much else than watching college football. But, as I reclined in…

James Spillane
January 2, 2013

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