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An Unintended Benefit: Virtual Events Can Help Companies With Their Environmental Goals

Moving to virtual events from in-person gatherings during the pandemic has enabled organizations to stay connected. But one benefit…

Lauren Weatherly
August 27, 2021

How to Organize a Virtual Summit for Your Company from Scratch

2020 brought an unparalleled increase in online versus offline events, with some platforms reporting 1000% growths. While the events…

Natalie Luneva
April 16, 2021

What Often Goes Wrong in Virtual Events and What to Do About It

I’ve attended tons of virtual events in recent months and hosted some digital gathering of my own too. And…

Dean Levitt
August 31, 2020

Event Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Event marketing isn’t only for large brands with even larger budgets. It’s something small businesses, consultancies, and service businesses…

Dean Levitt
June 2, 2020
Small Business

How Marketing Teams Can Adapt to Having Fewer Industry Events

If you’re involved in marketing or sales for just about any industry where traveling to industry events is part…

Tom Wozniak
March 17, 2020
Digital Marketing

Are Events Part of Your Marketing Strategy? The Should Be.

For businesses to be successful in today’s digital world, having an effective digital marketing strategy is crucial, but that…

Jay Leonard
October 18, 2019

4 Vital Strategies to Consider When Pricing Your Next Event

Setting a price point for an event is challenging, especially if it’s your first time. A good strategy is…

Connor Brooke
May 30, 2019

4 Insights to Share with Your CMO After an Event

Anyone with experience in marketing knows an event can generate leads. Particularly in the B2B setting, events generate more…

James Spillane
April 8, 2019

6 Tips You Need to Consider When Selecting a Venue for Your Events

Promoting your business, new products and services usually involves business’s marketing manager finding a place for the event. Events…

Connor Brooke
February 20, 2019

Where is the Value in Attending Trade Shows & Exhibitions?

The trade show (or exhibition depending on where you are based) has been a staple in the calendar for…

Jay Leonard
August 22, 2017

How to Drive Event Engagement Using Social Media Marketing

Summer has solidified its place as the season for hosting events, which makes it important to make sure you’re…

Connor Brooke
July 13, 2017

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