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Donald Trump, Jr. Says Women Who Can’t Handle Workplace Harassment Should Teach Kindergarten Instead

Yes, that really happened. Claims that Donald Trump, Jr. said that women who can’t handle what goes on in…

Renee DeCoskey
October 18, 2016
Human Resources

How Internal Promotions Choke Your Salary – Part 2

In my previous article, I wrote about how internal promotions rob workers of the salary they rightfully deserve. As…

Jay Leonard
September 26, 2016
Human Resources

How Internal Promotions Choke Your Salary – Part 1

True story. Last week at a conference, I met a young lady named Anna (of course that’s not her…

Alan Draper
September 25, 2016
Human Resources

SHE – Is The ‘S’ a Liability?

2016. That’s the year isn’t it? We live in this big, modern and technologically advanced world, everything is at…

Connor Brooke
August 16, 2016

Our Nation’s Need for “Introduce A Girl to Engineering Day”

Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day is designed to show young girls worldwide how collaborative and creative the field…

Connor Brooke
February 23, 2016

Closing the Gender Gap: Why Our Society Needs More Women in Leadership Roles

Despite all the globalization, Internet revolution, and other business advancements, women are still considered inferior to men in regards…

Connor Brooke
February 4, 2016

Ellen Degeneres Responds to Evangelical Author’s Homophobic Remarks With Humor and Grace

Who better than Ellen DeGeneres to take on the homophobic claims recently made by Evangelical author and “cultural commentator,”  Larry…

Alan Draper
January 14, 2015
Social Buzz

The Marketing Department’s Influence on Society

Marketers are quickly becoming societal change agents, fostering recognition of gay rights and racial tolerance. Brands such as Cheerios…

Jay Leonard
February 20, 2014
Consumer Marketing

American Business Women’s Day (Infographic)

Women have had to work hard to get where they are in the world of business today, something that…

Connor Brooke
September 21, 2012

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