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AI in Entertainment – Everything You Need to Know

Integrating AI into various facets of the entertainment industry has become increasingly prevalent as technology advances, opening up new…

Nicole Kolesnikov
August 10, 2023
Artificial Intelligence

From YouTube Star to the Big Screen: The Forbes 30U30 Hollywood & Entertainment List

Digital stars are now making a splash in a much bigger pool. The reputation and fame of online celebrities…

Alan Draper
January 6, 2017
Digital Marketing

Developing Audiences for Emerging Artists: A Music Industry Primer Using Affinity Data

The music industry can be complicated and therefore hard to explain, but one thing has always been and will…

James Spillane
September 22, 2016
BrandViews / Affinio

SHE – Is The ‘S’ a Liability?

2016. That’s the year isn’t it? We live in this big, modern and technologically advanced world, everything is at…

Connor Brooke
August 16, 2016

Is Rock Music Finally Dead?

Last year, KISS front man Gene Simmons declared rock was “finally dead,” snuffed out by file sharing sites that…

James Spillane
June 18, 2015
Loyalty Marketing

Lessons from the Shark Tank: March 13

With another drama-filled, dynamic week in the Tank, we have seen it all. Whether from second chances in the…

Connor Brooke
March 16, 2015

Shark Tank: An Intense Shark Fight Over Scholly And The Lessons We Can Learn From It

In the Tank on Friday was the first walk out we have seen in Shark Tank history. The scenario…

Jay Leonard
February 22, 2015
Business Innovation

Kylie Jenner On School: I Didn’t Drop Out!

Kylie Jenner talks school in a new interview and denies circulating rumors that she has dropped out of school…

Jay Leonard
January 27, 2015

Bill Gates Tricks Jimmy Fallon Into Drinking Poop Water

Would you gamble with Bill Gates? I’m not sure I would, but Jimmy Fallon sure was brave enough to…

Connor Brooke
January 23, 2015

5 Lessons in Content from Back to the Future 2

It’s 2015, the year of Marty McFly’s fateful leap into the future. And while hoverboards and trash-powered cars may still…

Jay Leonard
January 13, 2015
Content Marketing

The Top 10 Urban Myths of Gaming (Infographic)

There can be no doubt that games today can change lives. Many repressed individuals who might be dangerous to…

Jay Leonard
August 19, 2014

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