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5 Marketing Strategies for Promoting your Online Business

Congratulations on building the website for your online business. The next task would be to make money with it. For…

Priyanka Desai
June 2, 2020

These 17 Surveys Show the Frothy Effects of the Coronavirus on Marketing

Surveys are an imperfect research tool. However, it’s the best tool we have at the moment. This is because there…

Frank Strong
May 19, 2020

4 Ways to Engage With the at Home Audience

Advertisers everywhere are trying to adapt to what has to be the most sudden, wide-spread, and continuing disruption to the…

Tom Wozniak
May 13, 2020
Digital Marketing

How Mobile Has Changed Email Marketing

Email has been around since 1971 and email marketing was born just a few years later, in 1978 (SmartInsights). As…

Tom Wozniak
April 29, 2020
Email Marketing

Using Suppression List Management for Audience Targeting

One of the most powerful capabilities of digital marketing is the ability to effectively identify and target audiences with relevant…

Tom Wozniak
April 9, 2020
Email Marketing

PR Double Downs on Coronavirus Communications Efforts

As businesses, schools and nonprofits closed or revamped operations to limit the spread of the coronavirus, officially termed COVID-19, communications…

William Comcowich
April 1, 2020
Public Relations

How Marketing Teams Can Adapt to Having Fewer Industry Events

If you’re involved in marketing or sales for just about any industry where traveling to industry events is part of…

Tom Wozniak
March 17, 2020
Digital Marketing

How to Create a Truly Effective Welcome Email

First impressions matter. Research tells us that when we meet somebody for the first time, we make snap judgements about…

Christine Telyan
February 28, 2020
Email Marketing

B2C Marketing in 2020: 3 Basic Facts You Can’t Forget

In the realm of B2C marketing, there are so many variables that marketers can often forget what areas they should…

Ronita Mohan
February 26, 2020
Digital Marketing

The Benefits of Setting up an Email Affiliate Marketing Program

If you’re already taking advantage of an affiliate marketing program for your business, you know the benefits this strategy can…

Tom Wozniak
February 13, 2020
Affiliate Marketing Category

Email Marketing Trends in 2020 to Boost Conversion Rates

The digital world is constantly changing and directly impacting email marketing trends. In 2020, we are about to see a…

Ronita Mohan
January 29, 2020
Email Marketing

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