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Proton Challenges Gmail with New Categorization Features and Calendar Updates

ProtonMail, the flagship product from Swiss-based privacy company Proton, is due to go through some major upgrades in the…

Sam Dawson
November 29, 2022
Business Success Stories

How Safe Are Your Emails? [Infographic]

While email can be used as a great method of communication, it can also be a venue for a…

Brian Wallace
August 12, 2021

Email Marketing Isn’t Dead. You Just Need to Write Better Emails…

Has your open rate plummeted? Are you wondering whether you should give up on email marketing altogether? It could…

Matt Janaway
February 24, 2021
Email Marketing

Is There Still a Place for Email in 2021?

Email is one of the services that have undergone a significant transformation over the years that still remain relevant,…

Angela Ash
February 17, 2021
Email Marketing

How to Use Your Email to Boost Your Everyday Productivity

Email is a great tool for boosting one’s productivity, but it can also be detrimental, especially if one spends…

Angela Ash
January 29, 2021
Email Marketing

Marketing Their Way to the White House: Who Won the Battle of the Presidential Email Marketing Campaigns?

It was the election that has previously been dubbed ‘the battle for America’s soul.’ The age-old choice between Democrat…

Dmytro Spilka
January 7, 2021
Email Marketing

The 9 Best Email Support Ticketing Systems 2020 – Reviews & Comparison

Customer service isn’t just about your team having the right attitude and training. For your customer support to be…

Jeff Epstein
November 29, 2020
Customer Experience

PR Double Downs on Coronavirus Communications Efforts

As businesses, schools and nonprofits closed or revamped operations to limit the spread of the coronavirus, officially termed COVID-19,…

William Comcowich
April 1, 2020
Public Relations

How Your Email Marketing Strategy will Change in the 2020s

Every few years, someone stands up and says that email marketing is dying. Others argue that with the rise…

James Spillane
November 18, 2019
Email Marketing

Optimizing Your Email with Data-Backed Tips

Email is the most popular method for business communication. Sure, we’ve seen messaging platforms like Slack and Skype rise…

Jay Leonard
October 9, 2019

5 Reasons Why Every Business Needs a Custom Email Domain

Think of your business’ domain name as your own, branded corner of the internet. It is the space you…

James Spillane
August 9, 2019
Tech & Gadgets

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