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Keeping it Clean: How Sports Expertise is Helping Media Buying Agencies Discover Brand-Safe Digital Content

Online video media buyers are facing a problem: in the world of online video, there’s quantity, but not much quality.…

Connor Brooke
August 10, 2015
Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing + Customers = Trust Issues [Infographic]

On average, how many banner ads do you see a month? Or a day? What about sponsored search results or…

Alan Draper
March 10, 2015

More Compelling Reasons to Use Facebook Ads

With 86% of adults using the internet and 77% of them on Facebook, Facebook is quickly becoming an important place…

Jay Leonard
February 4, 2015

Using Big Data for Customer-Centric Marketing

The latest advances in information and communications technologies have brought significant improvements for the processing and storage of digital information.…

Jay Leonard
February 3, 2015
Big Data

4 Ways SMBs Can Expand to New Markets in 2015

The outlook is bright for small businesses in 2015. In a recent survey of over 1,000 small business leaders respondents…

Alan Draper
January 14, 2015
Small Business

Happy 20th Birthday To The Display Ad!

On Oct 27th, 1994 the very first online ad was introduced to the world, In honor of the online ad’s…

Connor Brooke
October 27, 2014
Digital Marketing

What Digital Marketers Can Learn From A Few Toymakers

Disney Infinity isn't like other toys. It's exactly what its name sounds like: an infinite world of Disney characters, and now…

Connor Brooke
October 7, 2014
Digital Marketing

Mobile Increasingly Important for Digital Advertisers

By now you have likely heard about mobile marketing and the importance thereof, especially if you are reading this blog.…

Jay Leonard
September 10, 2014
Mobile & Apps

Marketing & Advertising Tactics in Partial Attention Realities

The world's analysts admit most of the digital advertising trends are changing and modifying at the quickest possible speed, making…

Jay Leonard
September 4, 2014
Online Marketing

How Slate’s Attack on Internet Advertising Makes the Case for Programmatic

The web magazine Slate has earned a reputation for counterintuitive arguments. But even by Slate’s standards a recent article about…

Jay Leonard
August 20, 2014
Digital Marketing

Data + Consumer Preference = The Future of Marketing

Anindya Ghose spends a lot of time thinking about the intersection of digital marketing and economics. As a Professor of…

Jay Leonard
March 19, 2014

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