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4 Building Blocks of A Successful Webinar

Michael Steltzner of Social Media Examiner proclaimed 2014 to be the year of Webinars. And it was. Inspired by industry…

Alan Draper
February 9, 2015
Digital Marketing

It’s Time to Automate Demand Gen

Nearly all marketers are using advertising and marketing technologies to automate the processes required to create, execute, and analyze marketing…

Jay Leonard
February 4, 2015
B2B Marketing

The Reality of Demand: Generation vs. Capture

Marketing is always evolving, and I think it's time to evolve one of the most commonly used - and, if…

James Spillane
January 27, 2015

When and How to Hand-Off Leads to Your Sales Team

One of the most important steps in lead management is the lead hand-off: passing the lead from Marketing to Sales.…

Connor Brooke
January 26, 2015
B2B Marketing

“What Is The Cost Of A Lead?” Is The Wrong Question

One of the marketing questions I get the most in relation to lead generation is the following: "What is the…

Jay Leonard
January 24, 2015
B2B Marketing

Increase Marketing ROI with Inbound Marketing Automation

93% B2B buyers initiate their buying process through online search and out of these, 88% visitors land on your website…

Jay Leonard
May 26, 2014
Marketing Automation

Why Your Content Marketing Plan Must Focus On More Than Lead Generation

Most of the attention given to content marketing in the B2B space has focused on its role in lead generation…

Connor Brooke
March 25, 2014
Content Marketing

B2B Go-To-Market Readiness Checklist Item #4: A Well-Defined Marketing Process and Operating Model

So what is a well-defined marketing process and operating model (including collaboration platform) and why do you need one? To…

Connor Brooke
February 17, 2014
B2B Marketing

The Ultimate Email Marketing Conversion Tool – Your Sales Team

If you’ve read any of my books or attended one of my regular content marketing or email marketing seminars, you’ll…

Connor Brooke
February 5, 2014
Email Marketing

B2B Go-To-Market Readiness Checklist Item #2: A Well-Defined Portfolio Planning Process

For this installment of my “checklist” article series I will delve into the often misunderstood art and science of portfolio…

James Spillane
January 29, 2014
B2B Marketing

Integrating Email Marketing Automation for Increased Sales

89% of business marketers across B2B as well as B2C rank email marketing as one of the top profitable marketing…

Jay Leonard
January 24, 2014
Marketing Automation

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