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50 Great Marketing Statistics You Don’t Want to Miss

We’ve compiled a list of 50 of the best marketing statistics that every marketing professional or business executive will want…

Connor Brooke
February 5, 2015

Is the Data in Your CRM a Ticking Time Bomb?

Customer relationship management (CRM) has moved from specialist term to buzzword, and now, into the core of business. According to…

James Spillane
January 15, 2015
Big Data

Is Open Data At Risk From Poor Data Quality?

Open data is a concept that’s new to many people in the UK. The idea is fairly straightforward. By opening…

Jay Leonard
September 20, 2014
Big Data

I Was a Duplicate Record!

As a point of contact for Recruitment agencies at our company, I regularly receive telephone calls from them promoting their…

Alan Draper
September 4, 2014
Business Intelligence

The Half-Life Of Data (Infographic)

In business, smart leaders know that waste eats into profit. From day to day, project to project, the best way…

James Spillane
August 11, 2014

Why Data Should Be a Business Asset – The 1-10-100 Rule

If you run a business, or even just run a household, you’ll understand that chaos creates waste. How many times…

Jay Leonard
August 6, 2014
Big Data

What is the Difference Between Data and Information?

When discussing data quality, we need to understand exactly what we mean by the word data. Often, the words information…

Connor Brooke
August 6, 2014

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