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The First Step on the Road to Becoming a Multi-Channel Marketing Expert

It’s the age of multi-channel, omni-channel, and multi-device shopping. At this point in the game, this is nothing new for…

Jay Leonard
March 10, 2015

What is Bad Data and its Side-Effects?

Information and data are the most strategic assets of an organization. The Data Warehousing Institute reports, “Intellectual capital and know-how…

Jay Leonard
February 21, 2015
Big Data

Is the Data in Your CRM a Ticking Time Bomb?

Customer relationship management (CRM) has moved from specialist term to buzzword, and now, into the core of business. According to…

James Spillane
January 15, 2015
Big Data

Why Your Marketing Data Needs A New Year Makeover

Data by its very nature is dry and unappetising to us visually-driven creative marketers. Learn how giving your data a…

Jay Leonard
January 5, 2015
Big Data

The Tinder Effect: How a Social App Traded Precision for Mass Appeal

Find out why marketing methods used by mobile apps can teach serious marketers a thing or two. Vine. WhatsApp. Tinder.…

James Spillane
December 17, 2014
Social Data

5 Selling Ideas That Work (Fueled By the Power of Data)

Your marketing data is a goldmine – these 5 tips will show you how to gain additional insight that is…

James Spillane
December 17, 2014
Big Data

Shift To Programmatic Is Picking Up Speed

The ongoing shift from traditional ways of buying display advertising to programmatic buying through a demand-side platform (DSP) is picking…

Jay Leonard
October 29, 2014
Digital Marketing

Managed Services, Part 1: Making Safe, Documented, and Reliable Changes

In my first set of posts, I dis­cussed what to con­sider when out­sourc­ing a Web con­tent man­age­ment (WCM) sys­tem.  Now…

Alan Draper
June 23, 2014

Preventing Catastrophic Data Loss at Your Company

If you've relegated the task of data backup to the farthest corners of your IT department and put the matter…

James Spillane
April 20, 2014
Tech & Gadgets

What Everybody Ought to Know About Data Management

For marketers effective data management is the backbone for accurate segmenting, targeting and positioning; making realistic projections; tweaking campaigns to…

Connor Brooke
March 10, 2014
Online Marketing

Data Management: The Frustration of Having All the Answers, but Not Being Able to Access Them

In the last 20-30 years, the way we do business has changed at an extremely rapid pace. The risks, the…

Jay Leonard
February 12, 2014
Big Data

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