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Top 5 Embedded Business Intelligence Best Practices

Businesses thrive because they fail in new and exciting ways. Little failures every day add up to big lessons.…

Mike Brody
June 25, 2021
Business Intelligence

Is Your Digital Commerce Strategy Ready for Xmas and New Year Shopping Rush?

If predictions around Christmas and New Year spending trends hold good, 2020 would end on a high note despite…

Shashin Shah
December 4, 2020

Blockchain is Ready to Transform Your Startup Now

When people hear the term “blockchain,” they typically think of cryptocurrency. However, crypto is simply one potential application for…

Isaac Kunkel
June 18, 2020

Making a Commitment to Digital Transformation Takes More Than You Think

Changing the technology your company uses is called a “digital transformation” for a reason – it’s an ongoing process…

Jay Leonard
May 29, 2018
Digital Marketing

Moving Data from the Basement to the Boardroom

According to IDG, 35% of companies with effective data grow faster year-on-year, however, many still take little notice of…

Jay Leonard
January 21, 2018
Big Data

Digital Transformation: Finding Your Data is Half the Battle

You’ve undoubtedly heard all the hype about the volume of data doubling every two years. The sad fact is…

Alan Draper
August 21, 2017
Big Data

4 Industries Thriving Under the Flood of Data

Feel like you’re drowning in data? It’s because you are. Businesses are accumulating data at unfathomable rates, and even…

Jay Leonard
April 19, 2017
Big Data

Is Your New Year’s Resolution to Improve Your CRM Data?

We all set New Year’s Resolutions. Unfortunately, research suggests that 63% of us break them within just one month.…

Jay Leonard
January 9, 2017
Big Data

Marketers and the Future of DMP Insights

Advertisers, agencies, and publishers are swimming in data. They have so many data points, from a variety of sources,…

Jay Leonard
January 4, 2017
BrandViews / Affinio

We Are in the Age of the Customer

Customers have never had so much power. The rapid adoption of technologies, such as search engines, social media and…

James Spillane
July 25, 2016
Customer Experience

Is Data Quality Essential for Modern Business?

If you wanted to program a computer in the early 1980s, you didn’t have the option of coding using…

Jay Leonard
May 13, 2016
Big Data

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