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Too Much Data? 4 Ways to Shift From Data to Insights

Although big data was widely welcomed as the answer to every business-related question, the reality hasn’t been quite so…

Joydeep Bhattacharya
November 25, 2021
Big Data

7 Ways to Improve Your Business Growth Using Data Analytics Services

The challenge that all the corporate face is not how to gather data but, how to structure the same,…

Chanakya Kyatham
November 5, 2021
Big Data

5 Key Data Analytics Trends in 2021 That You Need to Know

It’s been a tough 18 months for businesses across industry sectors. To ensure that they keep their competitive edge…

Luke Fitzpatrick
July 8, 2021
Big Data

What is the Difference Between BI and Analytics?

BI and analytics are both umbrella terms referring to a type of data insight software. Many providers use them…

Mike Brody
June 4, 2021
Business Intelligence

Developing Your Strategic Recovery Plan for the ‘Age of COVID’

Recently, McKinsey & Company released their COVID enterprise recovery plan framework entitled The COVID-19 recovery plan will be digital:…

Mark Harrington
June 17, 2020
Customer Experience

Leveraging Data Analytics to Optimize Your Marketing Budget

Digital marketing is defined by channels and numbers. Finding your audience and reaching out to them is critical to…

David Gasparyan
May 29, 2020

What the Consumerization of BI Means for Data Experts

In 2005, it was predicted that consumerization would be the biggest trend to affect the world of IT over…

Daniel Codella
May 14, 2020
Business Intelligence

How to Uncover the Hidden Benefits of Sentiment Analysis in PR & Marketing Measurement

More organizations now use sentiment analysis in their media monitoring and measurement programs to gauge public sentiment toward a…

William Comcowich
March 10, 2020
Public Relations

How Data Analytics Helps Achieve Better Results

Today is the era where HR is transforming with the help of data analytics. Data-driven is a real fact;…

Connor Brooke
December 3, 2019
Human Resources

Better Business Decisions Start With Better-Informed Leaders

Digital transformation brings about an incredible opportunity for fostering a data-driven culture and enabling faster, better-informed decision making. Although…

Connor Brooke
September 26, 2019

Analytics Excellence is the Relentless Pursuit of Driving Growth and Profitability

According to IDC’s Digital Universe study, “digital data is doubling in size every two years; and by 2020, the…

Jay Leonard
November 2, 2018
Business Intelligence

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