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How Groupon is Stealing Your Customers…

When the Daily Deals Companies like Groupon and Living Social exploded in popularity during the economic downturn, they promised…

Jay Leonard
July 9, 2013

Digital Local Promotions Set to Outpace Digital Advertising

A recent study by Borrell Associates claims that digital local promotions are set to outpace digital advertising by 65% over the…

Connor Brooke
June 30, 2013
Digital Marketing

Daily Deals: Why They Need to Die… and STAY Dead!

Ugh. Here’s something we thought we’d seen the back of: the daily deal. Oh sure, Groupon and its legion…

James Spillane
June 17, 2013
Consumer Marketing

Did John Lewis Really Just Launch The Least Inspired Campaign In Retail History?

The biggest cliche in retail is the Christmas Deals Advent Calendar. One deal per day, in the run-up to…

Jay Leonard
April 3, 2013

How Groupon and LivingSocial are Raising Millions for Charity Using Social Media

Daily Deal sites have been getting slammed in the press, in the stock market and from businesses who claim they are destroying certain industries.…

Jay Leonard
November 16, 2012
Social Business

The Best Ways to Advertise Your Deals and Coupons

If you’re targeting a local market, using coupons is one of the absolute best ways to get highly targeted…

Jay Leonard
June 12, 2012

Sign of Apocalypse: Merchants Pay Good Money to Give Away Their Customer Loyalty

We all know over the last several years, a growing need for cutting corners – and coupons – has…

Jay Leonard
May 17, 2012
Loyalty Marketing

Finally – A Promising Buzz in the Social Media Marketing Atmosphere

I’ve watched with a bit of dismay as marketers have tried to figure out the social media environment, working…

Jay Leonard
May 15, 2012
Social Media

What You Should Do Before Your Daily Deal

Toward the end of his article, “The Real Repercussions of Discounting,” internet and social media marketing expert Darryl Manco…

Connor Brooke
January 29, 2012

Holiday Tips On How To Use B2B Social Commerce Sites To Reduce Costs

Although we all have heard of the success and failings of daily deal websites that sell to consumers, Forrester…

Connor Brooke
November 22, 2011
B2B Marketing

Why Groupon May Not Be Right For All Retailers

With a 115 million subscribers and over 135,000 participating merchants, Groupon has become “as synonymous with the daily deal…

James Spillane
August 22, 2011
Expert Interviews

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