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The Impossible Role of the CISO

Security Organizations must evolve. The CISO cannot be credible on all fronts A recent comment I read on Linkedin made…

JC Gaillard
March 25, 2020

Startups: Your Most Valuable Asset in the Long Run Will Be Your Customers’ Trust

Bake it in from the start: “Moving fast and breaking things” will become a thing of the past as customers…

JC Gaillard
March 12, 2020

In Defense of Maturity-based Approaches for Cyber Security

It doesn’t make sense to oppose maturity & risk-based approaches to cyber security This interesting piece from McKinsey made me…

JC Gaillard
February 25, 2020

Why Are We Still Facing So Many Security Products and Vendors?

A symptom of the unhealthy relationship between cyber security and large firms As we reach one of the high points…

JC Gaillard
February 5, 2020

Does the Role of the “Virtual CISO“ Make Any Sense?

Outsourcing something simply because you don’t understand it is rarely a good start. Faced by constant reports of cyber-attacks in…

JC Gaillard
January 21, 2020

Why Traditional Crisis Management Techniques Don’t Work With a Cyber Incident

Why traditional crisis management techniques don’t work with a cyber incident, and may even make things worse In a conventional…

Bill Mew
January 15, 2020
Crisis Management

The Hard Truth Around Cyber Security Awareness Programs

5 key points to drive culture change around cyber security Culture and governance are key to drive change around cyber…

JC Gaillard
January 7, 2020

Cloud-Native Environments: A Challenge for Traditional Cyber Security Practices

Blind trust is no longer enough in the era of GDPR Clouds are those blurred masses of condensed watery vapor…

Alan Draper
December 22, 2019

Cyber Security: Revisiting the Questions the Board Should Ask

One Board member must be in charge and their pay package must ride on it In 2015, in the wake…

Connor Brooke
December 11, 2019

Towards a New Profile for the CISO

A decade of firefighting has taken its toll on the CISO profession The role of the CISO is changing. If…

Jay Leonard
November 14, 2019

Cyber Security Maturity Stagnates Because CISOs Are Structurally Prevented From Looking Beyond Day-to-Day Firefighting

The Tactical Trap Many CISOs struggle to look beyond day-to-day firefighting and get trapped in tactical games. We highlighted this…

Jay Leonard
October 31, 2019

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