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How to Foster Customer Loyalty in a Digital Age

In the 1990s, businesses built relationships with their clients and customers by meeting them face-to-face. They even put up…

Bryan Osorio
January 6, 2021
Customer Experience

4 Steps to Turn New Buyers into Loyal Customers

Today’s shopper behavior changes create an opportunity to quickly pivot and turn new recruits into tomorrow’s best customers. Chances…

Marc Vermut
August 31, 2020

Digital Transformation: How to Re-imagine Customer Experience in 2020

Today, we witness a vast customer service reformation driven by IT service providers, customers, and vendors. The classical models…

Dana Kachan
June 6, 2020
Customer Experience

Ensuring Optimum Customer Experience: Why Automation is the Key

The antiquated idea that automation will someday replace the human worker has long since been replaced by the realization…

Anand Janefalkar
March 19, 2020
Customer Experience

5 Ways to Run a Startup or Small Business Successfully in 2023

Many people envision launching their own businesses, driven by their unique ideas and aspirations. Are you an entrepreneur looking…

Michael Graw
February 26, 2020

3 Proven Growth Strategies to Scale Any B2B Business

There are three key areas to target when scaling a B2B business. These are customer targeting, conversion and retention.…

Connor Brooke
July 9, 2019

Why Customer Experience Will Be the Future of Brand Differentiation

Today, customer-centric strategies have taken a critical role in the success of a business and undoubtedly only those who…

Connor Brooke
March 20, 2018
Customer Experience

Don’t Mistake a Friendly Customer for a Successful Customer

“Ignorance is bliss.” Or so they say. BUT, if you are responsible for the health and well being of…

Jay Leonard
March 13, 2018
Customer Experience

10 Ways to Attract Clients Through Kindness

Why Being Generous in Your Business Will Result in More Loyal Customers Have you ever noticed feeling compelled to…

Jay Leonard
October 9, 2017
Customer Experience

Amazon’s Strategy is Clearly Outlined in Prime Day Offers

Gaining momentum and building its reputation as the summer version of Black Friday, this year’s Amazon Prime Day is…

James Spillane
July 12, 2017

10 Strides to Outstanding Customer Support and the Stats to Back Them Up

1. The best-performing companies kept their reply time below 1 minute and also handled cases in one touch, even…

Alan Draper
May 3, 2017
Customer Experience

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