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How Instant Messaging Apps Can Boost Customer Support

Businesses are looking for ways to communicate with customers as smoothly as possible. The introduction of live chats and…

Daria Leshchenko
December 1, 2021
Customer Experience

Do You Have a Zero Party Data Strategy Yet?

Last month Mcdonald’s announced that it had appointed a global chief customer officer, a newly created role to strengthen…

Richard Calvert
August 27, 2021
Customer Experience

Running Effective Customer Advisory Board Internal Stakeholder Meetings: 5 Must-Dos

As CAB managers maintain the momentum of the customer advisory board (CAB) programs, one of the key checkpoints on…

Rob Jensen
March 31, 2021
Customer Experience

4 Ways to Outperform Competitors By Providing Hyper-Personalization in 2021

Ever since the swell of big data combined with the technological advancements of cognitive computing made giant strides in…

Jay Purohit
March 10, 2021
Customer Experience

Responding to Advisory Board Member Delegation Requests: 8 Questions to Ask Yourself

Occasionally, customer advisory board (CAB) managers will receive a request from a CAB member to substitute another representative from…

Rob Jensen
September 11, 2020
Customer Experience

4 Things to Consider When Mapping Your Digital Customer Journey

Whether you’re new to digital omnichannel or your company is already deep into digital transformation for customer service, it’s…

Jeff Epstein
March 11, 2020
Customer Experience

Turning Customer Support into a Post-Holiday Revenue Driver

It goes without saying that regardless of industry or size, the majority of businesses view the holiday season as…

Anand Janefalkar
January 20, 2020
Customer Experience

How Businesses Can Make Use of BlockChain Technologies

While Bitcoin captured the public imagination due to its meteoric rise and then a period of severe fluctuation and…

Jay Leonard
July 24, 2019

Evolution of CDPs: Where They Came From, What They Are and Where They Are Headed

Customer data platforms (CDPs) have been around for quite some time, but it is only in the past few…

James Spillane
July 20, 2019
B2B Marketing

Customer Experience Management (CXM): The Best-Practice Capabilities of CX Leaders

As ever-greater numbers of organizations embrace the age of the smart customer, you might expect Customer Experience Management, or…

Jay Leonard
June 7, 2019
Customer Experience

4 Ways You Can Turn Buyer’s Remorse Into Client Loyalty

Turn buyer’s remorse into client loyalty by increasing your connection with your customers. Did you ever drive off the…

Connor Brooke
June 6, 2019

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