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Elevating the Customer Experience Through Social Channels [Infographic]

From what they’re eating for breakfast to their thoughts on current events, people are increasingly turning to social media…

Connor Brooke
March 10, 2015

The New Rules of Content, Marketing and Service

The new rules of effective marketing now requires that content is part of the strategy conversation in almost every…

James Spillane
March 1, 2015
Content Marketing

Why Build An Online Community?

These days community building seems to have a major focus on Social Media. How to attract followers in their…

Jay Leonard
October 21, 2014
Online Communities

British Airways Sponsored Tweet: Customer Service Is Critical

You’ve probably heard about Hasan Syed’s purchase of a promoted tweet to blast his frustration to British Airways’ 302,000…

Connor Brooke
September 9, 2013
Customer Experience

Why Your Customer Service Needs To Be Online Now

Companies are investing more time and money into creating and maintaining a social media presence—and if you offer any…

Jay Leonard
January 10, 2013
Customer Experience

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