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Spam Calls: Important Things You Need to Know

Millions of Americans no longer answer phone calls from unknown numbers for fear of illegal robocalls. Unsurprisingly, a recent…

Jason Smith
January 17, 2022

10 Influencer KPIs to Monitor

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective marketing channels. At least 90% of the Influencer Marketing Hub survey…

Aleh Barysevich
December 26, 2021
Social Media

The Benefits of Live Chat for Brand and Customer Relationships

Live chat has become the preferred method of communication for many customers wanting to contact brands with questions or…

Jason Smith
December 1, 2021
Customer Experience

Why Senior Leaders Must Lead the Security and Customer Experience Conversation

Customer experience and attention to security are vital to a company’s success, but companies that don’t properly plan risk…

Mark Roberts
October 6, 2021

5 Benefits of Being In Business For Yourself

The point of starting a business is to provide a solution in the form of either a product or…

Isaac Mashman
October 4, 2021
Small Business

6 Steps to Successful Customer Service Agents Onboarding

If customer service agents are the backbone of your customer support, it’s important to make sure they’re onboarded correctly…

Vikas Kalwani
August 27, 2021
Customer Experience

Why Social Listening Is Key to Building the Brand Awareness You Really Want

Businesses should now be more aware than ever that simply monitoring social media while trying to improve a brand’s…

Aleh Barysevich
August 25, 2021

The Secret to Product Descriptions That Convert

So you’ve nailed your website, invested in marketing and your site is getting an exciting number of visitors. Time…

Matt Janaway
August 24, 2021

Privacy And Data Security: 10 Effective Ways to Keep Your Business Safe

Do you wanna know a secret that will help keep your business safe from security breaches? I bet you…

David Odinegun
August 18, 2021

How to Enhance Your Automation Strategy with Human Elements

Interacting with automated response systems when contacting a business for customer service is commonplace in today’s world––whether it’s via…

Jason Smith
August 18, 2021
Customer Experience

10 Customer Expectation Trends You Need to Know About

Whether it’s speed, convenience or a personal touch, customer service principles are timeless. However, how these principles play out…

Elise Moores
August 4, 2021
Customer Experience

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