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How to Maintain Customer Relationships in Times of Crisis

Around 43% of US businesses had temporarily closed in 2020 due to the COVID-19 crisis. At the same time,…

Yash Chawlani
July 9, 2021
Customer Experience

How to Manage Customer Relationships Easily

They say the customer is the king, and I agree 100%. Without customers, you don’t have a business no…

Freddy Muriuki
November 19, 2020
Customer Experience

How Business Can Utilise CRM to Adapt to the Post-Covid World

COVID-19 has turned the business world upside down. The crisis will bring some companies to the edge, and unfortunately…

Victor Iryniuk
June 24, 2020
Sales Management

How to Avoid 5 Common CRM Software Mistakes

As the CEO of a customer relationship management software company, I’ve seen thousands of successful CRM installations over the…

Jay Leonard
June 10, 2019
Customer Experience

Your Small Business Roadmap for 2019 CRM Success

Your patrons have shared their data all last year through clicks, subscriptions, customer service requests, sales inquiries and more…

Alan Draper
February 20, 2019
Small Business

Sales Automation – The Key to Turbo Charging Your Sales (and Profits)

Many times people confuse sales with the closing. Closing a sale is not a sale, it is part of…

Alan Draper
February 12, 2019
Sales Management

The #1 Secret to Owning the B2B Customer Relationship After a Sale Closes

Working in the customer success industry can be stressful and full of pressure. Sales just landed a big deal,…

James Spillane
July 25, 2018
Customer Experience

4 Inbound Marketing Best Practices for Value-Added Resellers

As a Value-Added Reseller, your goal is to drive business value through point-of-sale products. Communicating those values is crucial…

Jay Leonard
June 13, 2018
Sales Management

Focus on Building Lasting Customer Relationships this Small Business Week

It’s been 55 years since President John F. Kennedy proclaimed the inaugural Small Business Week. The annual event recognizes…

Connor Brooke
April 26, 2018
Small Business

Selecting Technology for Your Small Business: There is a Right Way

Are you a small business owner? The 2016 State of Small Business Report revealed many truths about small-to-medium businesses…

Brian Sutter
October 17, 2017

Using Data to Segment and Target your Audience

Image Credit: Jeff Sheldon / Caption: Know where your customers spend their time Data is all-important when it comes…

Jay Leonard
November 26, 2015
Digital Marketing

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