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The SaaS Customer Lifecycle Explained

Introduction Everything in life is characterized by cycles. There’s an order to most things from nature to the business…

Hanna Barabakh
July 15, 2021

How to Use Web Push to Re-Engage At-Risk Shoppers

Marketers who use web push are at an advantage: they can reach out to customers with maximum relevance, and…

Jay Leonard
June 21, 2017
Digital Marketing

How To View Your Customer’s Experience: Customer Journey Mapping vs. Customer Lifecycle [Infographic]

Customer journey mapping is a tool that has taken the business world by storm—helping companies build an understanding of…

Jay Leonard
February 29, 2016
Customer Experience

Get to Know Your Mobile Customer

Regardless of the way a customer engages with a company, it’s critical for businesses to know their customers and…

Jay Leonard
September 13, 2012
Customer Experience

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