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The New Customer Journey

If you could have one superpower what would it be? How about the ability to see into the future? Okay…

Jay Leonard
August 5, 2014
Customer Experience

The Customer Experience Playbook: 4 Steps to Success

“Every company has a customer experience, it’s just not always a good one,” said customer service and experience expert Shep…

Alan Draper
May 10, 2014
Customer Experience

Good Things Come to Those Who Manage Experiences

At my company, we’re in the business of orchestrating better experiences. In many cases this is about managing waiting. But…

James Spillane
March 24, 2014

Digital Signage Reinvented – Integrating Context Marketing with the Customer Journey

When a customer comes to visit they go through a journey. The journey comprises a set of experiences. Those experiences…

Alan Draper
February 19, 2014

3 Ways to Solve Your Customers’ Problem the First Time

I'm often asked how to deal with problem customers--customers who call back over and over with the same issue or…

Connor Brooke
January 28, 2014
Customer Experience

Is it All About Cost or Does Customer Experience Matter for Government?

From city halls and tax offices to embassies and consulates, finding ways to make best use of resources to meet…

Jay Leonard
January 22, 2014
Customer Experience

iBeacons, The Internet of Things and How This Relates to Great Service

More than ever before, success depends on being able to offer a customer experience that is unique and more attractive…

Jay Leonard
January 21, 2014
Mobile & Apps

How easyJet Passengers Are Facing A ‘Bonk’ in Their Customer Experience

Firstly, I will explain for those unfamiliar to biking terms that ‘Bonk’ is cycling’s classic term for hitting a brick…

Connor Brooke
January 15, 2014
Customer Experience

A Simple Way to Keep Customers in the Store for a Longer Time and Get Them to Buy More

If you are a retailer you know that research indicates that 75% of purchasing decisions are made when the customer…

James Spillane
January 14, 2014
Consumer Marketing

Data: The Thread that Connects Consumers, Audiences and Customers

Industry chatter has recently centered on “the consumer journey” – the various stages on the path a person follows from…

James Spillane
January 8, 2014
Big Data

Key Stages in the Customer Lifecycle

Content marketing has taken the world by storm and nine out of 10 organisations now use it. So it’s time to…

Jay Leonard
October 16, 2013
Customer Experience

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