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How To View Your Customer’s Experience: Customer Journey Mapping vs. Customer Lifecycle [Infographic]

Customer journey mapping is a tool that has taken the business world by storm—helping companies build an understanding of their…

Jay Leonard
February 29, 2016
Customer Experience

The Physical Web Enabling Next Generation Experiences and Seamless Journeys

Right after Apple revealed the support for iBeacons in iOS7, I together with a couple of colleagues identified a vital…

Jay Leonard
February 3, 2016
Mobile & Apps

6 Tips to Creating Smoother Experiences for Retailers on Black Friday

The key dates The now yearly tradition of crash sales, an American invention has traditionally marked the start of the…

James Spillane
November 19, 2015
Customer Experience

Amazon… You’re Doing it Right

Amazon has mastered the art of marketing personalization. Their entire philosophy of saving customers time and money has gone into…

Connor Brooke
September 17, 2015

Extreme Leadership: The Need for Speed

In this era of extreme digital marketing, leading an organization isn’t too different from competitive mountain biking.  Here are a…

Jay Leonard
September 4, 2015

Why Your Web CMS Should Be at the Center of Your Digital Ttransformation Efforts

According to a recent report from the Altimeter Group, 88 percent of organizations are undergoing some type of digital transformation.…

Jay Leonard
August 26, 2015
Digital Marketing

Want To Design A Killer eCommerce Website: Use Shopping Funnels

Every business with an online presence—and let’s face it, that’s the vast majority these days—wants to have an ecommerce website…

Jay Leonard
July 21, 2015

Mind the Marketing Gaps in the Customer Journey

Many marketers believe they fully understand the potency of the customer’s journey—but the findings of the third annual Cross-Channel Marketing…

Jay Leonard
April 2, 2015
Customer Experience

Realistically Profiting With Social Media [Case Study]

The old saying, "the money is in the list" holds true for your social media audience. If you have an…

Connor Brooke
February 9, 2015
Social Media

5 Ways to Improve Your Customers’ Experiences in 2015

These days, we hear a lot about providing positive customer experiences. Winning loyal customers is no longer just about providing…

Jay Leonard
January 12, 2015
Customer Experience

Sincerity: The Key to Customer Loyalty

“I find my life is a lot easier the lower I keep everyone's expectations.” Bill Watterson, author of Calvin and…

Jay Leonard
December 10, 2014
Customer Experience

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