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Digital Customer Journey Mapping: Explained Through Examples

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, understanding your customers’ journey is paramount for business success. The digital customer journey…

Nancy Lubale
August 14, 2023
Customer Experience

Email vs. Direct Mail: The Contest of Cost & Conversions

Email and direct mail. These two have been battling it out for years. There are plenty of myths about…

Paula Chiocchi
June 10, 2021
Email Marketing

5 Ways to Improve the B2B Customer Journey

Creating a strong customer experience is a team effort spanning marketing, sales, customer support, even finance. But marketing plays…

Jason Ball
March 1, 2021
B2B Marketing

2020 Is the Year of Digital Omnichannel. Here’s What You Need to Know

It seems like just yesterday that the customer service industry began transitioning from a multichannel to an omnichannel mindset.…

Jeff Epstein
March 12, 2020
Customer Experience

4 Things to Consider When Mapping Your Digital Customer Journey

Whether you’re new to digital omnichannel or your company is already deep into digital transformation for customer service, it’s…

Jeff Epstein
March 11, 2020
Customer Experience

Owning the Client More Directly

Customer data is your company’s most valuable asset. It helps you improve your business operations by providing insight into…

Alan Draper
April 25, 2019
Customer Experience

AI-Powered Chat Brings Conversational Business Intelligence to Your Fingertips

It’s a well-known fact that data is vital to the success of any company. Data analytics provides insights into…

Connor Brooke
December 26, 2018
Customer Experience

3 Ways to Do More with Customer Experience Personalization

By 2020, customer experience (CX) will overtake price as a key product differentiator. While there are many ways to…

James Spillane
November 2, 2018
Customer Experience

3 Tips To Improve Your Content Marketing For Three Main Stages of The Buyer’s Journey

The modern customers no longer wait to be served with the best solution to their problem. They proactively look…

Alan Draper
October 23, 2018
Content Marketing

Customer Journeys – Dos, Don’ts, and Other Tips

Customer Journey Mapping, while having been around for quite some time, has certainly seen an increase in interest in…

Connor Brooke
July 20, 2018
Customer Experience

AI and the Customer Journey — 4 Ways to Deliver the Wow Factor

Today’s consumer expects nothing short of an earth-shattering experience as they interact with your brand, no matter where they…

Jay Leonard
April 18, 2018
Customer Experience

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