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Is SAP Data Intelligence Cloud the Best for B2B Businesses?

In the realm of modern business, harnessing the power of data has become a necessity rather than a luxury.…

Nancy Lubale
August 16, 2023
B2B Marketing

Becoming Customer-Centric in the ‘Age of the Consumer’

There has been a tremendous amount written in recent years on the “Age of the Consumer,” the period where…

Mark Harrington
November 7, 2020
Customer Experience

Developing Your Strategic Recovery Plan for the ‘Age of COVID’

Recently, McKinsey & Company released their COVID enterprise recovery plan framework entitled The COVID-19 recovery plan will be digital:…

Mark Harrington
June 17, 2020
Customer Experience

Why is Customer Churn Persistently High Regardless of Companies’ Sustained Efforts?

Regardless of their relentless efforts, brands across industries suffer from churn problems in today’s competitive world. As shown in…

Alan Draper
March 20, 2019
Customer Experience

4 Reasons Why Google Analytics is the 51st Shade of Grey

There’s a heightened necessity to understand better both who our customers are and what they do. A report from…

Jay Leonard
August 31, 2016
Big Data

The Secret of Creating Successful Buyer Personas

Is your organization creating buyer personas? If not, you’re skipping a fundamental step in your marketing approach. But, perhaps…

Jay Leonard
April 5, 2016
B2B Marketing

Beacon Use in Retail Stores Will Be Just as Common as Cash Registers

Many retailers are implementing beacon technology as a more direct marketing strategy for in-store customers. When a company sets…

Jay Leonard
March 18, 2016
Consumer Marketing

Understanding the Connection Between Experience and Loyalty

As consumers become increasingly savvy and educated with ‘always on’ access to price comparisons and product reviews, genuine customer…

Jay Leonard
July 6, 2015
Customer Experience

How To Build a First-Rate Team Of Data-Driven Marketers

According to Workbooks, 90% of the world’s data has been created in the past two years alone….which means there’s…

Jay Leonard
March 18, 2015
Digital Marketing

Customer Experience is the New Battleground for Winning Customer Loyalty

In the age of the empowered customer, you need your customers more than they need you. Consumers have more…

Alan Draper
February 4, 2015
Customer Experience

Super Bowl XLIX: Battle of the Super Fans (Infographic)

The Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots will clash during Super Bowl XLIX this weekend, but as the teams gear…

James Spillane
January 30, 2015

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