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11 Ways to Receive Excellent Quality Feedback from Customers

All your customers are the most valuable source of information when you think about user experience and product design.…

Chanakya Kyatham
November 18, 2021
Customer Experience

Why Senior Leaders Must Lead the Security and Customer Experience Conversation

Customer experience and attention to security are vital to a company’s success, but companies that don’t properly plan risk…

Mark Roberts
October 6, 2021

Process of Building Brand Authenticity Using Customer Feedback

Customer’s opinion has more substance than ever towards purchasing and becoming a prime asset for brand marketing. A currently…

Chanakya Kyatham
September 24, 2021
Customer Experience

Customer Feedback: Know Its Significance, Plus 7 Different Ways of Collecting

When you are thinking about the collection of customer feedback, it is highly likely you would get overwhelmed as…

Chanakya Kyatham
September 12, 2021
Customer Experience

The Importance of Customer Feedback in Business in 2021

Owning a business means that you are always on the lookout for new ways to improve the service you…

Rahis Saifi
January 19, 2021
Customer Experience

How Customer Feedback Software Can Improve Your Ecommerce Business

The last customer that engaged with your eCommerce business had some opinions about the product or service they bought.…

Vinod Janapala
November 6, 2020
Customer Experience

Competitor Research via Review Sites: Both Possible and Profitable

Most of us don’t think of Yelp, Google, and Facebook as our best friends. Encounter a disgruntled customer (as…

Jean Dion
September 15, 2020
Social Data

How to Develop a Successful Marketing Mix Strategy for Your Small Business

The marketing mix strategy is essential to the success of any business. A well-researched marketing mix strategy differentiates your…

Nouman Ali
July 14, 2020
Small Business

Customer Feedback: Best Times to Get More Feedbacks From Customers

No company, big or small, can run without customers. Customer satisfaction has always been a key parameter to judge…

Chanakya Kyatham
May 29, 2020
Customer Experience

7 Best Ways to Obtain Your Contactless Customer Feedback and Satisfaction Surveys [Infographic]

The global crisis of the Coronavirus disease has been the bane to businesses and organizations all across the world.…

Chanakya Kyatham
May 21, 2020

5 Smart Ways For Companies To Collect Customer Feedback

Having proper data about customer feedback is the most challenging thing today. But is it just enough to get…

Vinod Janapala
February 17, 2020
Customer Experience

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