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Product Usability vs User Experience (UX)

When it comes to creating successful products, the concepts of product usability vs UX or user experience are often…

Alejandro Arrieche
August 2, 2023
Customer Experience

How Hyper-Personalization Meets Customer Experience

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, brands need to look for better ways to improve customer experience. As this crisis forces…

Efrat Vulfsons
June 9, 2021
Customer Experience

Experience Design 2021 and Beyond: Designing for Human Capacity

I recently spoke at Gartner’s Enterprise IT Leaders Peer Forum and various other panels and events. While the topics…

Sarah Deane
May 27, 2021
Customer Experience

The Democratization of Tech Doesn’t Matter if the Tech Isn’t Easy to Use

Sure, make tech available to everybody! Let’s get it out there. Everyone should have access to it. But, wait.…

David Libby
March 16, 2021
Customer Experience

Marketers Will Face Major Challenges in 2021: Here’s How to Overcome Them

The 2021 Marketing word of the year will be “Agility”. With significant COVID-triggered challenges and opportunities, one thing is…

Diaz Nesamoney
February 23, 2021
Marketing Automation

Pete Erickson is Leading the Voice Technology Community Movement. Here’s What You Need to Hear Now For Your Brand.

The world is speaking. Are you listening? A brand’s voice is no longer something ephemeral. It’s more tangible as…

Dana Kachan
August 21, 2020
Expert Interviews

The Growth of Omnichannel Customer Experience [Infographic]

Siloed marketing, sales, and support services are a thing of the past. We are in the age of super…

Rakesh Soni
May 30, 2020

The Importance of Great User Onboarding from the Marketing Perspective

We don’t need more stuff, we need more humanity. – Seth Godin The Earth is spinning faster around the…

Dana Kachan
April 27, 2020
Customer Experience

COVID-19 & Cyber Attacks: How Is The Retail Business Dealing With It

The dramatic spread of COVID-19 is cracking down economies, and disrupting lives and livelihood worldwide. With the majority of…

Rakesh Soni
April 24, 2020

User Research Methods & Its Relevance for Enterprises [Infographic]

Without an objective understanding of your customers’ behavior patterns and drives, it is close to impossible to create offerings…

Srinidhi Rao
April 5, 2020

Ensuring Optimum Customer Experience: Why Automation is the Key

The antiquated idea that automation will someday replace the human worker has long since been replaced by the realization…

Anand Janefalkar
March 19, 2020
Customer Experience

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