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Looking For Better Marketing Ideas? Channel Leonardo

Take Leonardo da Vinci. Please. Yup, the guy who painted the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper. He was…

Mark Armstrong
January 13, 2022

Happy Customers Make The Best Brand Advocates

Who are these people called influencers, and why do we put them up on pedestals? A lot of them…

Mark Armstrong
July 28, 2021
Small Business

Hard Truth: We Buy Based On Gut Instinct and Convenience

Most domestic cats prefer to avoid water (there are some exceptions). Which brings us to this wonderful line from…

Mark Armstrong
June 23, 2021

Sell Online? You Need to Deliver a Great User Experience (UX)

Today’s shoppers don’t want a hard sell. They want a great user experience (UX). User experience covers all aspects…

Mark Armstrong
November 18, 2020
Customer Experience

These 7 Signs Will Help You Identify Customers About To Churn

Identifying customers who are “at-risk” to churn is challenging. The signs can be hard to identify and sometimes subtle.…

Alan Draper
November 29, 2019
Online Communities

How Brand Advocacy Programs Are Proving to Be the Best Investment Your Business Can Make

In the digital age, with fleeting customer attention, businesses and brands are looking for new ways to engage with…

Alan Draper
November 12, 2019

How to Make Your SME’s YouTube Channel Stand Out 

Recent research has shown that a vast majority (over 90%) of SME’s are not yet on YouTube which, in…

James Spillane
October 31, 2019

SEO Tricks Applied to the World of Email Marketing

When it comes to email marketing, engage your audience is mission-critical. Without motivating your subscribers to take the actions…

Alan Draper
October 16, 2019
Email Marketing

2 Email Marketing Hacks to Get Your Resend Campaigns Opened

Creating Successful Email Marketing Resend Campaigns Recently, I laid out core principles on who to send a resend email…

James Spillane
September 3, 2019
Email Marketing

So, You’re Going to Resend an Email Marketing Campaign

3 Things to Consider Before You Hit the Resend Button When it comes to email marketing, many in the…

Connor Brooke
July 27, 2019
Email Marketing

Don’t Hug Just Any Tree: Positioning Your Company Behind the Right Causes

Consumers have high expectations for companies to prioritize corporate social responsibility (CSR). At the same time, however, many consumers…

Jay Leonard
April 3, 2019
Social Business

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