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Take Care Of Your Customers, Or Someone Else Will.

In today's business world, competitors seem to be popping up left and right. Companies are shooting for excellence in every…

Connor Brooke
September 4, 2013

New Study Shows Company-wide Loyalty Delivers More Bang for Buck

You don’t have to be an Einstein to understand what is important to your target customer, but understanding the relativity…

Jay Leonard
July 10, 2013
Customer Experience

Data Sharing – Courting Customers the Old-Fashioned Way

I never thought my personal information could lead to the courtroom, but for some curious consumers, it may. This is…

Jay Leonard
June 22, 2013
Big Data

Survey: Social Media Industry Among Least-Trusted For Privacy

When it comes to the brands they trust, Americans are actually more atwitter about new social media than old-school innovations.…

Jay Leonard
April 16, 2013
Social Media

New Data-Tracking Automotive Technology Nothing to Take Lightly

It is often said that life imitates art. But with the latest automotive technology now appearing in vehicles, it may…

Jay Leonard
April 12, 2013
Big Data

Your Mobile Customer Experience Bill of Rights Checklist

As businesses map out their mobile strategies and create an experience that is tailored to their customers’ needs they should…

Connor Brooke
October 15, 2012
Customer Experience

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