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DMP: The New Direct Marketing Database for Display

Guess what this is: It aggregates audience data from different sources for use in cross channel marketing programs It ingests…

Jay Leonard
November 5, 2014
Digital Marketing

Personalization Techniques That Win Hearts and Minds (and Wallets!)

Imagine receiving an email titled “The Gift You’ve Been Secretly Hoping For.” You click through to find a personalized link…

James Spillane
October 31, 2014
Email Marketing

The Real Reason Retailers Hate Apple Pay

So now, apparently, CVS is the pharmacy that is not “always open”, at least not when it comes to Apple Pay.…

Jay Leonard
October 30, 2014
Customer Experience

Using Customer Data for Good

A dating site and a social network recently admitted to experimenting on unsuspecting users, sparking a heated discussion on where…

Connor Brooke
September 4, 2014
Customer Experience

A Four Step Approach to Capturing Customer Requirements

In my previous article we looked at the difference between business based and customer based thinking, investigated the true value…

Alan Draper
July 29, 2014

Four Quick Fixes for Service Revenue Leakage

According to research firm IDC, today’s businesses waste 80 percent of their customer data. And by failing to leverage existing insight…

Connor Brooke
April 29, 2014

7 Ways To Effectively Manage Your Customer Data

Managing customer data is a hot topic. According to a recent article in the LA Times, consumer data is arguably the…

James Spillane
December 15, 2013
Customer Experience

How Valuable is Knowing My Pet’s Name?

In today’s world of ever increasing data availability, volume and variety the challenge to know which data is valuable to…

James Spillane
December 2, 2013

Marketers Use Social Clout, Customer Data to Price Products

It’s hard to put a price on customer loyalty, but thanks to technology and flexible pricing models, some marketers are…

Jay Leonard
October 22, 2013
Big Data

33% of CEOs Worry They Are Out of Touch With Customers: Building a Better Customer Experience.

According to this new 2013 study from IBM, C-suite leaders say that in the next 3 – 5 years, 88%…

Connor Brooke
October 8, 2013
Customer Experience

Companies Become More Transparent With Customer Data Files

If “transparency as a service” is the new buzz term in marketing, we should remember there is such a thing…

Jay Leonard
October 2, 2013
Big Data

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