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The Secret to Unlocking Customer Marketing Data from Product Registrations

If you haven’t already heard, 2015 was the year big data became a ubiquitous business necessity. Whether used for operational…

Connor Brooke
March 22, 2016

Collecting Customer Data: 10 Questions to Ask Yourself

Identity theft is a scary proposition. In fact there are 15 million victims of identity theft each year. It is…

Jay Leonard
March 18, 2016
Customer Experience

Addressing the Elephant in the Room: 9 Tips For Keeping Your Customer Data Secure

In light of recent high-profile hacks on Sony and Ashley Madison, and the backlash around Spotify’s proposed changes to their…

Alan Draper
September 15, 2015

Circle Of Success: Data – Understanding – Customers

Learn why data-driven marketing is becoming a key tool for SMEs to deliver effective campaigns that profitably engage their customers.…

Connor Brooke
August 25, 2015
Consumer Marketing

Sales Staff are in a Dysfunctional Relationship with Their CRMs

CRM started off as a way for salespeople to build better relationships with their customers but in many ways has…

Connor Brooke
August 24, 2015
Sales Management

Can Your Customers Trust You?

What makes your customers more likely to share their mobile data? In a world where the customer always comes first,…

Jay Leonard
August 10, 2015
Consumer Marketing

How to Guard against Customer Data Theft as One Way to Provide Better Service

Names, addresses, phone numbers, and even social security numbers. This is just a small list of the customer information employees…

James Spillane
July 17, 2015
Customer Experience

10 Steps to Develop Buyer Personas for Your Business

If you were to build a business empire that serves your own interests—a business that solves your problems, how easier…

Alan Draper
July 10, 2015
Online Marketing

How To Be A Digital Marketing Superstar

Like the terms “Big Data” or “Omni-Channel” and “Multi-Channel Marketing”, “Digital Marketing” is another term that the top of mind…

Jay Leonard
May 5, 2015
Digital Marketing

Value Your Customer Data As A Business Asset

Private data is now a very public issue. For the first time in history, people recognize that businesses store their…

Connor Brooke
March 5, 2015
Big Data

Using Customer Data? Start With Clean Data

Office, the high street shoe retailer, has had something of a lucky escape when it comes to its data quality.…

Connor Brooke
January 29, 2015
Big Data

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