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How To Deal With Angry, Frustrated Or Complaining Customers On Social Media (And Not Let It Affect Your Brand)

One of my favourite things about SEO today is its diversity.  When I first started in the industry, it…

Connor Brooke
January 6, 2015
Customer Experience

Customer Support and Social Media: When You Should and Shouldn’t Respond To Nasty Tweets

If you’re a business owner who regularly interacts with customers, the chances are good that, at some point, you’ve…

Jay Leonard
August 19, 2014
Social Media

How Your Company Can Achieve Zero Customer Complaints

You know the feeling: You’ve done everything you can to satisfy an unhappy customer when you find a rambling,…

Jay Leonard
June 30, 2014
Customer Experience

The New Warriors of Customer Service

We all know the damage an angry social media mob can do to a company’s reputation. Just take a…

Jay Leonard
June 3, 2014
Customer Experience

Down to Business: How to Deal with Internet Trolling

The internet can be a great tool for your business; your brand can be spread far and wide, opening…

James Spillane
June 25, 2012
Public Relations

Dealing With Customer Upset… Before It Even Happens

Retaining customers and generating repeat sales is both cheaper than acquiring new customers and is absolutely vital to the…

Jay Leonard
February 29, 2012

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