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How to Use Big Data to Acquire New Customers

Retailers know they need Big Data and are charging forward to get in the game. But many retailers continue to…

Jay Leonard
May 11, 2015
Big Data

Data-as-a-Service: Real-Life Examples of Companies Who Are Using DaaS to Boost Revenue

I've talked at length recently in previous posts about the benefits of using Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) to target in-market consumers. DaaS…

Alan Draper
March 18, 2015
Business Intelligence

How Much Should Small Businesses Spend On Customer Acquisition?

As a small business owner, you likely don’t make a profit the first time a new customer walks into your…

James Spillane
February 18, 2015
Small Business

Trouble Finding Fresh Leads? Rekindle Relationships With Your Previous Customers

Get prepared to hear the truth! What typically happens is—you put in the effort, find a customer, give them a…

James Spillane
February 17, 2015
Sales Management

It’s Time to Automate Demand Gen

Nearly all marketers are using advertising and marketing technologies to automate the processes required to create, execute, and analyze marketing…

Jay Leonard
February 4, 2015
B2B Marketing

Don’t Be a “One Night Brand.” Are You Using These Customer Acquisition Strategies?

We all need to focus on retaining new customers to grow our business. So how do you go about acquiring…

Connor Brooke
January 27, 2015
Consumer Marketing

“What Is The Cost Of A Lead?” Is The Wrong Question

One of the marketing questions I get the most in relation to lead generation is the following: "What is the…

Jay Leonard
January 24, 2015
B2B Marketing

Using Twitter to Improve Your Social Customer Service

Rather than view Twitter as another way to pass the day, here at Cayzu we recommend that you look at…

Connor Brooke
October 4, 2014

The Complete Customer Acquisition Guide for Cash Strapped Start ups and Small Businesses (Part 1)

All great products and services start with an idea. From the idea comes the prototype written on a napkin and…

James Spillane
September 17, 2014

Content Marketing: Thinking in Stories [Infographic]

Online, there are a multitude of websites, blogs and infographics to be found. In today’s digital world, marketers must find…

Alan Draper
September 2, 2014

4 Questions to Ask When Building a Customer Pipeline

Your customers are the center of your business. If you don’t have a plan in place on how to acquire…

Alan Draper
April 24, 2014
Small Business

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