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Top Custom Software Development Methodologies for Enterprises

By the end of 2021, the revenue from the software market is expected to reach $578 billion. The complete…

Shardul Bhatt
December 27, 2021
Tech & Gadgets

7 Signs It’s Time to Choose a New Software Development Partner For Your Business

Software outsourcing can provide some significant benefits comparing to in-house development. Hiring another company to develop an app for…

Victoria Stanishevskaya
August 26, 2020
Mobile & Apps

How to Avoid Being Held Hostage by Your App Developer

If you are not happy with the company or person you hired to develop your software, you may want…

Alan Draper
May 21, 2018
Mobile & Apps

What to Expect from Your Web Application Partner

Technology is no longer an optional component to businesses. It doesn’t matter if you’re a startup, SMB, or global…

Alan Draper
May 16, 2017

Why Hiring Remote Teams Will Be a Top Trend for 2017

Outsourcing. It’s been a buzzword for years. When business owners need tasks and projects accomplished and don’t have the…

Jay Leonard
March 18, 2017
Human Resources

Start With the MVP – Why More Features Is Not Always Better

Most Valuable Player? Nope. Minimum Viable Product. That version of your mobile app that has “just enough” features needed…

Connor Brooke
August 31, 2016
Mobile & Apps

Software is Never Really “Done”

Let’s talk about the sometimes stated notion of software, or a mobile app, being “done”. (read to the end…

Alan Draper
August 22, 2016
Mobile & Apps

SaaS for Software Development: An Enticing Option for Cost-Effective IT Solutions

SaaS has the ability to cut down software development cost and offer affordable and efficient IT solutions to startups…

James Spillane
June 15, 2013
Tech & Gadgets

In Quest of Perfection: The Eight-Fold Path of Software Development

Software development has been around for almost two decades. Several methodologies, systems and approaches to developing software have become…

Alan Draper
April 24, 2013
Tech & Gadgets

Advantages of Custom Software Development

In order to make the custom applications, the companies are building a team of professionals who can make custom…

Connor Brooke
June 27, 2012
Tech & Gadgets

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